Welcome to Global Warehousing LLC

If you have warehousing needs and you expect great service for a reasonable price, we are the company that
can fit those needs.   Our staff has over thirty years of experience in the warehousing business.   We have handled all types of product with many different types of equipment.   We also can provide value added services for your products ongoing while in storage or as a one time project, whatever your needs are.

We are headquartered in Delphos, Ohio but have also been successful at leasing space near our customers
in order to save them on transportation costs.   We also have our transportation division, Dancer Logistics Inc.,
that when used in conjunction with our warehousing services will provide discounted transportation rates.

We have very attractive warehousing rates and the flexibility to truly have the customer in mind when we look
at the ways we can save them money on their warehousing needs.   We strive to think outside of the box when
we look at what a customers needs are.  

If you’re not happy with your current warehouse supplier or you have just decided for the first time that you need the services of an outside warehouse, give us a call.   We can help you by being your contract warehouse or by simply charging you storage & handling.......whatever makes sense for your needs.

We can provide any Value Added Service you may need but here are a few we have performed for our customers:

  • Parts inspection and repairs
  • Re-case product and tape
  • Re-work shipping racks and stencil
  • Sorting of product
  • Re-label cases

For warehousing quotes call or email to : 1-888-465-6001 or danc@dancerlogistics.com